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How Important Is Information Security Policy in Your Business?

How Protected Is Your Business From Cyber Crimes?

As business owners in Australia are becoming more aware of surging cyber threats that could harm their organizations, customizing an information security policy now has a much larger role in their operations. While Aussies that run their own business benefit from taking such precautionary actions, some still lack the proper guidance in terms of establishing an effective policy that would ensure 100% protection from cyberattacks.

What Is an Information Security Policy?

In information security, policy refers to a set of principles implemented in the system of the organization which determines how their network can be utilized. This covers the planning, creating, monitoring and controlling aspects of their system. This way, the network can be built with strict, foolproof security measures in place. The rules apply not just to the system software and hardware but also your company’s processes and workforce.

An example of an information security policy for your process is the authorization protocol restricting access to certain confidential data. Most importantly, companies need to implement clear rules and regulations governing the people within and even outside the organization regarding the sharing of certain information.

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Does Your Business Have an Effective Information Security Policy?

Fortunately, an information security policy in Australia can follow a framework set by the Australian Cyber Security Centre. Whether it is an information security policy for a small business or large enterprise, the guidelines (currently under review) would ensure that cybersecurity principles remain ‘centered on the following key activities’:

  • Govern – It is imperative that a business’ information security policy is controllable by people of authority. This is because cyber threats are unpredictable; they could come in different forms such as viruses, external hacking or even data leakage by employees. Therefore, information security should adapt to every form attack, and in order to achieve this, control is a must.
  • Protect – Protection is one of the first and most important layers of information security. It acts as a door lock keeping the network secure and invulnerable to threats. Thus, the policy should ensure that protection is applied to the whole network.
  • Detect and Respond – These two activities go hand in hand. In the case of attacks, early detection and immediate response are highly advisable so threats could be managed ahead of time. Thus, any attacks won’t cause more harm, minimizing recovery costs.

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The Final Word

In summary, an information security policy may seem complex at first glance. Some SMBs in Australia might even think they do not need to apply it in their business. However, cyberattacks are getting more and more advanced, so organizations should ensure that their network is well-protected from these intrusions. By following a systematic framework as mentioned above, businesses will have stronger and more long-term protection, guaranteeing their owners’ peace of mind.

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