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.au Domain Release: Should You Drop .com?

What is a .au website?

You've got a or or Why do you need to get a .au domain?

.au Domain Release: Should you drop .com?

What are top-level domains?

Top-level domains are managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which is run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The most common top-level domains are .com, .net, and .org, and each of them had a unique purpose: .com was for commercial purposes, .net was for internal purposes, and .org was for organisations.

.au Domain Release

.au is the new beast on the street, and people are trying to stick their little gritty hands in to get whatever they've got to keep any of their intellectual property and naming and everything right. 

If you want to know how to reserve a .au domain, leave your information and one of our dorks will be in touch. 

When can I buy a .au domain? 

The good news is that between now and September, you can change your or domain name to a .au domain name. After September, it's going to be up for grabs.

Let's say you have and you're silly enough to not go and grab its .au counterpart. After September, other people could go and register

This is an awesome opportunity for certain people. 

Do you remember the Schapelle Corby incidents back in the day? Someone registered Schapelle Corby's domain name before she had the book rights. They ended up having to pay about $1.2 million for the domain name. 

This also happened to Big Brother Australia, but it was done a bit differently. They did not register Instead, it went BBO6, BBO7, and so on.

Are you wondering how much is a .au domain? Contact a dork to get a quote. 

So there are two opportunities here. One, before September, if you've got a or a, buy its .au domain counterpart. The other option would be after September, go and grab a whole bunch of other .au domain names. 

Who can own a .au domain?

This is the first time that Australia allows you to register a .au domain name without having to have an ABN or ACN and a whole bunch of other things. 

Any person or organisation can buy a .au domain if they meet the eligibility criteria of having a verified connection to Australia and wanting to create or manage an online presence. 

Is .au a good domain? 

Does .au make a difference? Yes, .au domain names shorten your website URL. 

No one likes long domain names. 

As an example, our IT company's domain name is but that's too long so we changed it to—nice, short, and sweet. We're going to be able to go down to, which is heaps cool and even shorter.

Snap up a .au website today! Talk to the #1 choice of small businesses in Brisbane for all of their website needs.

The other thing that would be cool is if your name or company name happens to end in "au." It would be great just to have the first letters.

Jump on this .au domain release opportunity when you can.


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