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How to Completely Wipe Data From Old Computers

how to wipe a computer How to Completely Wipe Data From Old Computers How to Completely Wipe Data From Old Computers

Every so often you need to refresh your hardware, everyone knows that. What should you do with your old gear? Some people throw it away in the bin, some people give it to their niece or nephew or something like that. What I'm going to stress for you to do is make sure you do none of that.

Wipe Everything

You want to make sure that you use something like Boot Nuke, and have the data that's on those computers completely wiped. If you don't, you're going to be in a position where someone can recover the data, or they might be able to use that against you. You've got to be very, very careful with your data. Especially when you're changing over systems. This isn't limited to just computers and servers either. A lot of people don't realize this, but most business-grade printers store everything that you printed in them.

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how to wipe a computer How to Completely Wipe Data From Old ComputersSo if you're an accountant, or a solicitor, or anything like that where your job requires a high level of integrity, and you deal with a lot of confidential data, you are very irresponsible for throwing out a printer if you don't pull it apart and rip out that hard drive. It's imperative that you do that. It's so important, unless you don't care about any of this stuff you've been printing, or you don't care if it gets in the wrong hands of anyone. Because it will, there's a lot of people, a lot of auction sites around Australia. You jump on to them and you can buy a pallet of printers. In fact, I bought a filing cabinet the other day, and I know I was shocked as well. 

I Couldn't Believe it!

I bought one, and inside the filing cabinet when I pulled out the whole filing there was a bunch of files that had fallen down behind the actual cabinet trays. I was able to pick them out and see exactly who owned the filing cabinet. It's really dangerous stuff, you got to be really careful about your paper trail. There are lots of companies out there that can make sure that you are protected, even if you just get a drill and you just drill a hole through the hard drive of the printer or the work station and servers. You're sure that it's going to be fine unless you're going through the Boot Nuke process, which isn't a hard process. Unless you're doing that you can leave yourself really, really wide open for people to get in, steal your identity, pretend to be you, and make havoc of your life.

Format everything and stay good. 


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