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Having spent so many years in the IT ecosystem, we understand what it takes to run an IT company. From the sparkle in your eye when you did your first job to the motivation to learn all of the new technology solutions for your clients. Times change and maybe you are starting a family or want to go on a holiday the pain you go through to grow and then be locked into your job can be disheartening. We saw the problem and made a solution, we are here to step up and let you regain focus as your right hand man!

When you run you own business you cannot afford to sit back and take time off, you cannot afford to get sick or be there for your children’s milestones.

Make us your Right‐Hand man!

Our complete support system can help you out through any of the hurdles that you might be facing. We can reduce your stress by taking care of your duties in your absence or guide you through your expansion process and even sharing your work‐load. This all happens seamlessly as a white label service, protecting your company and your clients.

Services offered under the Complete Support are -


About Dorks Delivered

We are here to partner in your journey to streamline your systems and operations management. Implementing high‐tech solutions to ensure the integrity, uptime and accountability of all internal system processes gives you assurance that you have continuity.


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