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What is Your Favourite Digital Marketing Tool?

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What is Your Favorite Digital Marketing Tool? 

In this modern day and age, everything comes down to marketing, and today we’re going to be discussing our favourite digital marketing tools. Digital Marketing is so important and there are always new trends developing as technology changes. For us, we find that as a company that deals with business-to-business we do use LinkedIn quite a bit for our marketing. We find that its quite effective and that people are conducive to getting information about a business through LinkedIn. For businesses that have a more business-to-consumer type approach, we definitely find Facebook works better. But for us, LinkedIn is fantastic. 

1. Active Campaign 

There are other tools that we use just to support our marketing efforts. We use this fantastic tool called ActiveCampaign. It gives the ability to email out our clients, see if our clients have read the email, and can if they have clicked on any of the links. We use this to see whether we have customer engagement. From there, we can then score our customers and work out where they sit, how they feel about our services, and how engaged they are. This is really, really cool. 

2. Unbounce 

One of the other ones that we use is called Unbounce. Unbounce is all to do with landing pages. Now a landing page is something where you want to try and make sure that you’re answering the question to whatever your client or your prospecting client has. What this tool does is that it gives you a super, quick page that has only one that’s of interest on it. 

For instance, maybe you’re a florist, and you want to make sure that the customers that are coming to you when they search for you on Google. They go to your landing page, and they see on the landing page something like, “Looking for flowers for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.” Then you include a little bit of information about why you’re the best person to be buying flowers from, specifically for Valentine’s Day. On a big day with a big rush, when a lot of companies run out of flowers, you guys don’t. Or you know, whatever your point of difference is. 

That is an example of what you should have on a landing page. On your florist website, you’d be talking about the different types of flowers that you have, the different arrangements and how you service weddings as well. This page is not exactly geared towards the problem that someone’s asking for. Where if someone’s looking for flowers coming up to mid-February, you can be pretty comfortably sure that they’re going to be confidently looking for their Valentine’s. That’s Unbounce in a nutshell, what a fantastic tool. 

3. Sendible 

So far we’ve covered off on Unbounce and ActiveCampaign. Now let’s move onwards to Sendible. Sendible is another really great tool. What it lets you do is that if you have a social media post, instead of having to jump into LinkedIn, jump into Twitter, and then across to Instagram, and over to Facebook, you can jump to the one portal, write the message, click send, and it sends it everywhere as a broadcast message. You can also use it to manage any customers or any of the comments that have been made on that message. From that, you can easily respond to the comments, and manage everything in one portal. This saves you a lot of time and hassle if you are going to be using social media networks to be broadcasting any messages to your leads or clients. 

4. Bonjoro 

The last one I’m going to cover off on here is very unique. It’s unlike any of the other tools that I’ve seen out there. It is known as Bonjoro. What it does is when someone engages with you on your website, it gives you an email, and says, “Hey, Joe Blog’s just clicked on this link. Would you like to say hello?” What you can then do is you can click on them, and straightaway from there, send them a video. They can then get a video straight from you, a personalised video where they can see that you’re a genuine down-to-earth person. You’re not just a robot, and there are not 10,000 visitors coming through this site. Even if there is, you’ve set the time aside to go and talk to this lead. I think Bonjoro is an amazing tool, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops. 

These are the tools that we use on a regular basis that have proven to work for us. There are obviously many, many others out there, and there are many others that we use, but these I’d say would give you a good 80/20 rule. 80% of what you need to achieve would be within those tools there. Hope you’ve enjoyed this, and, yeah, stay good. 

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