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The Meaning of Cybersecurity Visibility

cybersecurity visibility for your organisation

cybersecurity visibility for your organisationDoes Your Organisation Have Cybersecurity Visibility?

Cybersecurity visibility is a word that usually comes up in the information security scene in Australia these days. Whether you’re a business owner or a leader, you should look at and understand what is happening inside your network to protect your company data and your reputation. With the right and enough cybersecurity visibility, you know who is accessing what data at a particular time and how people are accessing this data.

Data Is Your Asset

Data is every organisation’s primary asset. Whether your business offers digital products, tangible products, or valuable services, the data that you store, transfer, and access, such as your client information and business plans, is vital to your success. You don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands, and this is where cybersecurity visibility comes in.

However, cyber visibility is more than just knowing what to protect. It’s also about knowing what to protect it against. Identifying threats and understanding them is essential to having a secure network. It’s the key to knowing how to protect your primary asset.

If you want to have better visibility of your IT security systems, talk to us! 

Can We Really Be Safe?

There’s an unlimited number of cybersecurity threats to your business, including data breach, insider attacks, and ransomware. No organisation can say that they are truly secure, but you can target a certain number of threats, especially the most common ones or those with the biggest impact on your business. 

The First Step to Having Cyber Threat Visibility

The first step to having cybersecurity visibility is discovery. You might think that your IT team knows your security framework well. However, this internal perspective is usually too focused or narrow that’s why it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes to examine your network security posture—just like how an editor would help improve a writer’s novel.

An external team of cybersecurity experts can conduct an IT audit, which involves inventory scans and vulnerability assessments to help you gain a broader perspective of your security framework.

Once you have clear cybersecurity visibility of your network, you can easily see how your data is accessed and moved as well as how your data is accessed and moved. Do some employees access data that they shouldn’t? Do phishing emails sneak past your email filters?

Build a strong defence against common cybersecurity threats in your industry. 

At Dorks Delivered, we help small-medium businesses identify the gaps in their information security systems. Our team can help you understand the continuously evolving cyber threat landscape. Feel free to talk to us about your biggest concerns and current security measures, and together, let us identify the right data security measures for your business.

Did you know that responding to spam and phishing emails can put your data at risk? Watch this! 

These are real threats, and it’s worth noting that threats today can be found inside and outside your organisation that’s why the next step is to have a security roadmap. It will guide you in developing, testing, and managing your business IT security plan.

The Final Word

Experts have estimated that the cost of cybercrimes could reach $6 trillion by 2021, which makes it even more important to have a good foundation for information security as early as now. So, take the first step to cybersecurity visibility. Schedule an IT audit and understand the threats to your important data and business.


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