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Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Tips for Creating Engaging Content 

Today, we’re going to be talking about how to create engaging content. The idea here is you’ve just got yourself an awesome website, or maybe it’s been established for a while. You got a few visitors and you’re wanting to ramp that up, or you might be an established blog or content creator already looking for some hints and tips. 

Know Your Audience 

The best way to find and create engaging content is to know your audience. What I would suggest you do is you ask your current clients or your current visitors to your site to see what it is that they like. You could put a survey up that they can fill in and maybe give them a bit of a reward at the end for doing that. A lot of the time you can find out questions that they want to have answered, which can give you a plethora of content. 

Try Answer the Public 

If you’re a new business and you don’t have any clients or it’s just too hard to get the information on what you’re looking to be able to do, there’s a fantastic resource that we use called Its got a creepy old man when you get there. He’s going to yell at you probably, but yeah, you type in pretty much any of your different services that you do, and it will explain different things that people search for and how that relates to you. It’s definitely a resource you should go check out, so try Great resource. 

Use a Storytelling Format 

Use story-telling format on your contentHopefully, you’ve got a few different ideas. Top 10 tips and things like that are great to use to create engaging content. Once you’ve got these ideas together, you need to make sure that you’re relaying them in a story type format ideally, so you want to get people interacting and having people engage in your content. These tips go hand in hand with stage presentation or first meetings. Very similar to elevated pitches.

You want to make sure that you’re snappy as hell and you get people’s attention. I don’t like people to dilly-dally around. You want to make sure that you’re letting them know what it is that you’re doing, and how you’re going to do that, and how you are different to everyone else. Get your content produced in a way that relays the message to that you’re wanting to have. 

Have Relevant Keywords 

If you’re wanting people to come to your site make sure relevant keywords are written three to five times throughout the content that you’re creating. That way, Google is happy with the content you’re creating as well. The biggest hint and tip that I can give you today is to be detailed and professional. You are the expert in your industry, so you can talk about it.

Already talking about it creates the content. When you start talking about it and writing it down, you can then start having actionable steps that allow for you to create this awesome content, and you’d be surprised at how quickly it will start spurting out. When you get this content and you’ve created enough of it, that’s then a platform that you can pivot off to start looking at doing other things such as writing a book or becoming an industry speaker that is an influencer in your industry, so it’s all very cool stuff. 

Final Words 

To recap, create engaging content by making sure that you’re resonating whatever your content is with your clients. Research your clients and your keywords that you may be using on Google. Make sure to have them mentioned throughout the content. Use Answer The Public. 

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