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It’s True: You Are What You Eat

healthy mind

Your Body Is Your Instrumenthealthy mind

Anyone that knows me or has known me for a while knows that health is incredibly important to me. The most important thing that we have is our health and then family, friends, and your other interests, but our health is the most important thing. You need to keep yourself in tip-top condition and you can do anything. People look at me and they say, “how do you have enough time to do all the things that you do? You’re running multiple companies, you’ve got podcasts, YouTube, blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, LinkedIn, you’re writing a book, all these things that are happening.” That is fair, it does sound like a lot of things, but it’s because the finely tuned machine that is my body is finely tuned.

Why You Really Are What You Eat

The only instrument we’re given in this life for our mind is our body. Keep it in good shape and you can do anything. Your mind is controlling every aspect of your life. It shows you your reality. It keeps your blood flowing, it keeps your words coming out, everything comes down to the six inches between your ears. You need to keep it in tip-top condition. My diet consists primarily of raw vegetables. I have the occasional beer now, I used to drink a bit more before but I have the occasional beer now and very occasionally I’ll have things such as meat or dairy. I love animal products but predominantly it’s 100% vegetables. I’m not saying this will work for everyone, I’ve got a very strict diet where I eat a lot of vegetables, I drink a lot of lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemons, and I found that in keeping my body in tip-top shape I’m able to perform nearly superhuman feats.

Have All Round Discipline

So many people have the discipline to own a business and to be in business and to help people out but they somehow, their health falls short when they’re doing that. You need to be able to put yourself forward first and make sure that your health and the way that your body works is number one. You need to do this so that you can make sure that you are the best person for yourself, which will allow for you to be the best person for all of your customers, your employees, and everyone else in your life. There’s a lot of mind-altering substances that people pop into their body, whether it be traditional things or what has become traditional things, such as alcohol or caffeine or cigarettes, but all of them alter your perspective on reality and sometimes you become reliant on those. Being able to remove each of these from your life lets you see the impact that they are having on your life. I don’t consume any caffeine. I don’t consume anything that I feel is giving me results that I wouldn’t otherwise enjoy or like or see myself pushing myself forward with that, which comes to another topic.

Just Because It’s Legal Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It

A lot of the things that are legal, such as cigarettes or drinking alcohol a negative overall effect. There are other things that you may not be aware of called Nootropics. Nootropics alter your mind to increase focus. What’s important to know here is regardless of what it is that you’re putting into your body, it is still altering you for that moment and altering you at that time and that may or may not be a good thing. I have dabbled with some Nootropics and found that they give you the ultimate way to focus.

Understanding Nootropics

This word Nootropics might sound new, might not. They have been covered in popular culture in movies called Limitless and another one called Lucy. Major plotlines revolve around taking these drugs that make you able to use more of your brain and make you able to focus more and retain more information. The thing is though, with anything, anything good comes a bad. You don’t get anything for free in this world, there’s always some negative effect that can happen.

My Experience

What I found for myself with Nootropics is they’re a great thing at creating patterns in your life. Conditioning your mind to be able to form sets of routines or sets of tasks can take a very long period of time and especially if they’re boring mundane tasks. You can convince yourself not to them. Whether that be sending out invoices or going through and reconciling, or finally writing that book or writing a new business plan. Nootropics can give you 100% absolute focused tunnel vision towards whatever it is that you’re doing. You get this laser focus. Once I smashed out 19,500 words towards the book that I was writing. I would never suggest having Nootropics as a long term thing. What I would suggest is trying them and seeing what happens. The same is you have a drink of alcohol and go oh yeah, this is good. You’re not going to be having it for your breakfast. The take home here is it’s good to try different things and to understand what works for your body, understand your body has the instrument that it is and how it’s controlling your mind with what you’re putting into it.

Final Thoughts

Nootropics taught me how to sit at a computer and stay there for 19 hours unencumbered by any distractions. Nootropics did not give me superhuman strengths, superhuman powers, and superhuman focus ability. What they did was that it gave me the ability to create a condition where my body was able to see, where to spend time, and how to get into a routine. I hope you all got a bit out of this. Rock on.

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