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Our History

  • 2002–Business was founded
  • 2013–Expanded infrastructure...
  • 2015–Rebrand, Dorks Delivered reborn
  • 2021–You started your adventure with us!

IT team based in Brisbane

The Managed IT Service Provider
Trusted by Small Businesses in Brisbane

We know IT like the back of our hands.

At Dorks Delivered, we understand the IT ecosystem and this has helped us establish ourselves as leaders in the IT industry throughout Brisbane and other areas in South East Queensland.

This didn’t come easily! Our focus has always been to come up with innovative IT solutions to help resolve the pain points of small business owners in the area. We are not just your Managed IT Provider, we are your partner in making your business better through technology. 

When technology is aligned with your business goals, your vision is achieved.

When you call us for a free initial consultation, our dorks will challenge your current systems and processes and help you make sure that cutting-edge advancements in technology operate with you, not against you, in a fun and exciting way.

Do you think your operations can be even better? Ask a dork about small business IT solutions for your industry.

team is strength

IT team based in Brisbane

Why Small Businesses Choose Us

  • You get what you pay for. You pay for what you get. Tired of IT packages that include services you don't need? Your business has its unique needs, and we understand that a set of business IT services that works for one client won't necessarily be as effective for another. This is why we assess all of your needs and goals to make sure that you don't pay for IT services that you don't need. Check out the perks of The Dollar IT Club Membership

  • We focus on your goals. Use technology to operate with you, not against you. The IT services we provide are designed to help you achieve your business and personal goals. Do you want more time for your family? Get rid of repetitions in the workplace. Ask our experts. 

Our Motivation Comes From You!

Our motivation comes from the successful partnerships we have with our extended family—our clients.

Just like a Sunday BBQ with all of the rello’s together, we all are a part of a big family with the same goals and motivations: growth and success. Join us, and don’t forget to bring the salad!

Many small businesses in Brisbane have chosen us to become their managed IT service provider, and the relationships motivate us to ensure that we never let our clients down.

Our Partners

motivated team members
team is strength

Our Team Is Our Strength

Our team has been hand‐picked, and each member brings a new skillset and uniqueness to give a different view on the best way to approach your business IT solutions.

It is our friendly team of professionals that has made us what we are today—one of the top managed IT service providers in Brisbane. It's the team that you will soon call an extension of your business. Hey, we will become family!

Our Team

We Love Awards

We love appreciation, awards and a well‐deserved pat on the back. Things like “Well done!” We are crazy about them.

Nothing beats great performance. That's what we believe in. With our clients and the enablers, we work hard and it has paid off. If there are any business awards that you know of, we would love to partake and help spread the love. The recognition we have received in the form of awards and accolades shows our commitment to our clients and the success we have delivered to you. Continuously being recognized as one of the best managed IT service providers in Brisbane keeps us going.

Our Awards

award winning IT company

About Dorks Delivered

When did your IT guy last pay you for downtime?


Work with a Managed IT company who can help you streamline your systems and operations management. Implementing high‐tech solutions to ensure the integrity, uptime and accountability of all internal system processes gives you the assurance that you have continuity.


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